Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Aussies embrace lighter-alcohol drinks

Drinks retailer Dan Murphy’s has noticed a significant upswing in sales of lighter and non-alcohol beverages as Australians look to moderate their alcohol consumption and embrace a more balanced lifestyle.

The increase has been noteworthy across the categories of non-alcoholic and mid-strength beer, lighter-alcohol wine and cider with less than three per cent alcohol, as well as premium soft drinks such as mineral water, artisanal bitters and cordials.

Dan Murphy’s Wine Panel Head Peter Nixon says the appetite for lighter and non-alcohol choices has been apparent for some time.

“It may not surprise people to see an uplift in the non-alcohol and mid-strength beer category, but the lighter-alcohol trend can be seen across most drinks categories,” he said. “During the summer months it’s easy to see why people are embracing light or non-alcohol drinks and there is no doubt the broader lifestyle trend towards a balanced lifestyle is having an effect.

“Along with some great traditional options there are an increasingly impressive number of lighter- and no-alcohol choices coming onto the market. More than ever we’re finding customers want these options to enjoy socially without sacrificing quality or flavour. Product innovations across the category have also allowed winemakers and brewers to make better tasting light-alcohol products.”

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