Aussies keen to support small businesses

Following the economic fallout that will inevitably occur post-COVID-19, it seems as though Aussies are most likely to support small businesses.

The new research comes from Dynata’s Global Consumer Trends Reopening Report.

Key highlights of the research include:

  • Prior to the pandemic only two in five Australians (39%) would always choose a small business to deal with over a large company, however since the pandemic this has risen more than half (61%) who feel obliged to help smaller business survive rather than larger companies.
  • More than half of Australians (56% ) believe the government should concentrate its efforts on supporting small businesses through this time rather than large companies.
  • Following the pandemic, three in five Australians (59%) say they will preference small businesses, a 20% increase since before the pandemic.
  • Prior to the pandemic, millennials were most likely to small business to deal with over a large company (44%).
  • Almost half of Gen Z Aussies (48%) will preference small businesses post pandemic.

The Global Consumer Trends Reopening Report surveyed 11 countries with approximately 1,000 interviews per country. Countries covered were the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, China, Singapore and Australia.


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