Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Aussies say yes to new way of shopping

A survey conducted by SOTI Inc shows that the majority of Australian shoppers are ready to embrace the move towards autonomous shopping experiences, such as Amazon Go.

Amazon Go, which recently launched in the US, removes the checkout counters. Autonomous shopping brings with it a great reliance on technology within retail than ever before.

“Retailers have witnessed big shifts in recent years thanks to the adoption of technology in stores and changing customer behaviours,” SOTI Managing Director Australia and New Zealand Michael Dyson said.

Customer’s priority desires

According to the research, 67 per cent of Australians feel comfortable with an autonomous in-store shopping experience if it means they don’t have to line up at a check out.

“Customers want more flexible, faster and convenient shopping options, and they want sale associates to be better informed so they can offer a more personalised shopping experience,” Mr Dyson said.

More than half of Australian consumers (57 per cent) said they’d prefer to shop in a retail store that had its staff more focused towards providing customer service (including price checks and product information).

Secure technology

57 per cent of those surveyed by SOTI stated that the security of the technology involved was their main concern, as well as misuse of information (48 per cent).

“For autonomous stores to really take off in Australia, it is crucial that retailers address any concerns that customers have around the security of the technology and the privacy of their information,” Mr Dyson said.

Retailers will need to implement a business-critical mobility solution that provides them with end-to-end security, visibility and management of mobile devices and IoT endpoints.

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