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Aussies wasting $2000 in groceries annually

Six in 10 surveyed Australians admit to throwing away up to 25% of their groceries each week, according to new research by Australian Pears.

This is said to be costing the average household an estimated $2080 annually.

While many Australians try to combat waste by using shopping lists (70%) and meal planning (55%), says Australian Pears, fruits and vegetables remain the top culprits (38%), followed by bread (29%) and leftovers (23%).

To help consumers reduce food waste, Australian Pears has partnered with MasterChef finalist Simon Toohey to share his tips on how to make the most of one’s weekly shop. He is also sharing a host of new recipes inspired by Australian pears.

“Buying seasonal produce is a great way to keep costs down, but what’s more important is that we’re buying seasonal produce that can be used in multiple dishes, not just one,” says Mr Toohey.

“Being strategic when shopping makes it much easier when needing to throw a last-minute meal together using what’s left from the weekly shop. I always beeline to produce that can be used for a range of dishes – from hot to cold, savoury to sweet, breakfast to dinner and even a meal or a snack.”

Mr Toohey says pears are his “go-to autumn favourite”, highlighting their versatility and affordability.

“Whether enjoyed as a satisfying snack or incorporated into a delicious dish, pears offer a fantastic option at any stage of ripeness,” he says. “Firm pears shine in salads or can be gently warmed for breakfast or dessert, while softer pears excel in baking.”

To showcase this versatility, Mr Toohey has crafted five new recipes using pears at different stages of ripeness:

  • Pear cake
  • Sweet pears on creamy ricotta and toast
  • Treacle pears and creamy oats
  • Pear fennel, herbs and poppy seed salad
  • Pear ‘weis’ bowl

The recipes are available at

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