Monday, March 4, 2024

Bega launches day and night early life nutrition

Bega Cheese has launched Australia’s “first” day and night early life nutrition based on the natural day and night nutrient changes seen in mother’s milk, such as human and cow’s milk.

Launched under the HAPPi brand, the HAPPi Day and Night Growing Up Milk Drinks for toddlers are designed to “nourish growing minds and bodies”.

HAPPi Day provides “specific day time nutritional support for learning and play”. HAPPi Night, on the other hand, offers “greater amounts of key nutrients shown to support the normal brain development process that occurs overnight”.

The toddler drinks are also claimed to contain over 25 nutrients. These include essential vitamins, minerals, and DHA for a “healthy brain” and dual prebiotics for a “happy tummy”.

“When it comes to our children’s nutrition, there really is no one size that fits all, and we are excited to set a new category benchmark that provides today’s families a more personalised approach to their little one’s nutrition,” says Bega Cheese Head of Consumer Health Dr Bradley Coleman. “Based on over 20 years of science, this is the first Australian product that reflects a child’s changing nutritional needs between day and night.”

Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian Melanie McGrice, who specialises in nutrition for the first 1000 days of a child’s life, adds: “There is strong evidence that night milk contains higher levels of iron, tryptophan and certain nucleotides. Iron is a vital mineral for early life cognitive development and tryptophan is an amino acid that is essential for the development of your child’s brain. The body also uses tryptophan, which is important for normal sleep cycles.

“The body’s requirement for important nutrients during infancy and toddlerhood are similar. But as your child becomes more independent from the age of two, they may exert this independence by being selective, or ‘picky’, about what they eat. Food should be offered first, but nutritional support can reduce the nutrient gap in those who need it to provide strong foundations for future learning and development.”

HAPPi’s Day and Night toddler milk drinks for 12+ months is available at Chemist Warehouse stores across Australia, as well as Drakes in South Australia, for RRP $21.99.

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