Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Biggest workplace worries

Many Aussies if they haven’t already, are beginning to head back to the office, and naturally employees will go back to the usual office concerns.

The Knowledge Academy has sought to identify the biggest work worries, as well as providing tips on how to combat them.

Research reveals the biggest work fears, based on the global monthly Google searches:

  1. Asking for a raise – 19,050
  2. Using LinkedIn – 9000
  3. Calling in sick – 5850
  4. Writing a resignation letter – 2990
  5. Increasing productivity – 2020
  6. Staying focused – 1500
  7. Slouching – 1000
  8. Staying motivated – 970
  9. Workplace pension – 700
  10. Workplace bullying – 670
  11. Writing good e-mails – 550
  12. Being professional – 520
  13. Dressing appropriately – 380
  14. Being anxious or stressed – 350
  15. Being organised – 310

Talveer Sandhu from The Knowledge Academy touches on tips to remember while asking for a raise: “When talking to your boss – hone in on the companies’ goals and values. Provide examples of how you have achieved and exceeded these goals and then politely ask to discuss adjusting your pay based on your exceptional efforts.”

Elaborating on people’s concern using LinkedIn, Sandhu says, “The uses of LinkedIn differ depending on which sector you are in, but ultimately it is great for networking. Make a start by trying to produce engaging and relevant content, for instance sharing your own top tips about your job or things you have recently found out about your industry, you’ll reap the benefits quickly enough!”

Additionally, addressing calling in sick, Sandhu adds: “Now more than ever our health is of big concern and often an inconvenience, so it is important to get the tone right in the call or e-mail.”

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