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Boosting your breakfast with Blend 11

Naturopath Jeanie McClymont has created what is claimed to be Australia’s first organic and natural breakfast topper.

According to Ms McClymont, Blend 11 is an easy way to “feed your gut bugs what they need and reap all the benefits”.

Blend 11 contains a mix of 11 whole foods that “support healthy digestion and are easy to recognise”. Chia seeds, cacao nibs and flax seeds are just a few of the ingredients that are already popular within the wellness sphere, says Ms McClymont, but it’s the combination that creates the diversity our insides need.

“Increasing and varying our fibre intake supports a healthy gut microbiome which – for Blend 11 consumers – results in ‘the best poos ever,” she says.

Labelled as a ‘breakfast booster’, Blend 11 was designed for two heaped tablespoons to be added to foods we already eat, like yoghurt, smoothies, fruit and muesli, cereal and porridge.

“Unlike standard supermarket products, Blend 11 requires activation before adding it to your meals for optimal results,” says Ms McClymont.

“Simply soaking the mix overnight makes the seeds easier to pass through the digestive system, ensuring better absorption of key nutrients and smoother, gentler transit through the GIT. The soaked blend lasts up to three days in the fridge, so gaining the benefits won’t require a major lifestyle change.”

Blend 11 is endorsed by Monash University (the product is low FODMAP) and has been tested by “some of Australia’s leading gut researchers” at the CSIRO. The product contains plant protein, “good fats”, and “most importantly”, diverse, fermentable, prebiotic fibre.

“The key to a healthy bowel lining is gut microbial fermentation, and the variety of microbe accessible carbohydrates in Blend 11 supports this fermentation,” says Ms McClymont.

“The benefits don’t just stop at the bowels. CSIRO gut research has found that a healthy gut helps to strengthen the immune system, with around 70-80% of the body’s immune system cells found in the gut.”

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