Monday, April 22, 2024

BuyNatural sets ‘Amazon’-sized goals

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way Aussie consumers shop, with a notable change being the increase in Aussie-made purchases.

73% of Australian households are now shopping online with 10% of total retail sales being made online in Australia, according to Australia Post data.

Dr Mathew McDougall says, “Australian’s are great at coming up with great product initiatives but many struggle as brand owners to develop the brand awareness and even more, struggle to scale when orders start rolling in.”

“This is why, BuyNatural has developed an online marketplace that partners with new and emerging brand owners to assist them in building brand awareness, reach and sales.”

Dr McDougall, who is also the owner of BuyNatural elaborates, “BuyNatural is providing services such as third-party warehousing, fulfilment and marketing to help the brand owner develop their e-commerce sales.

“We want to become the Amazon of Australian natural and organic and eco-friendly products – with a real focus on helping small and medium Aussie brands to gain cut-through and sales.”

To ensure customer satisfaction, BuyNatural conducts product reviews on new brands coming into the marketplace.

Dr Mathew McDougall

The business is already seeing success, as the brands that are already available on the marketplace are experiencing ‘unprecedented increase in demand for their products across the country’, says the team at BuyNatural.

“In fact,” says Dr McDougall, “BuyNatural e-commerce sales have grown month on month throughout this year; our Australian merchant partners are having to scale up to respond to soaring demand.”

Touching further on their specific sights, Dr McDougall says, “Taking on monolithic platform like Amazon is not going to be easy however, we are determined to give Australians a place where they can buy authentic natural and organic Australian products with ease and support local Aussie businesses in the process.”

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