Monday, April 22, 2024

Cadbury hosts accessible Easter egg hunt in Sydney

Cadbury held its accessible Easter egg hunt in Sydney on Saturday (23 March), following the success of the event in Melbourne last year.

With the help of creative technology studio FutureLabs, Cadbury brought back its “state of the art” accessible Easter egg to continue exploring what ‘inclusivity’ looks like at Easter.

Utilising audible sound, Bluetooth and proximity sensor technologies, Cadbury’s accessible Easter egg relies on sound, rather than sight, to allow those who are blind or have low vision and their families to participate in the annual tradition of the Easter egg hunt.

Looking to bring its accessible Easter egg hunt to Sydney in 2024, Cadbury teamed up with non-profit organisation NextSense after observing the work it does to redefine what’s possible for people with hearing and vision loss.

Mondelēz ANZ Vice President of Marketing Ben Wicks says Cadbury was overwhelmed by the response to last year’s accessible Easter egg hunt.

“Seeing the smiles and excitement on the faces of those who participated was a truly heartwarming experience, and hence, led us to consider what was next on our journey to make Easter an even more accessible occasion for all Australians,” he says.

“Opening up the accessible Easter egg hunt to the members of the NextSense community who are vision impaired and their families has further solidified our commitment to continue supporting the wider community and make Easter an accessible celebration for all.”

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