Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Capilano introduces new manuka honeys

Capilano has launched two new manuka honeys, Capilano Active Manuka Honey MGO 100+ and Capilano Active Manuka Honey MGO 550+.

“Unlike regular honey, Capilano Active Manuka Honey contains the bioactive ingredient methylglyoxal (MGO), which is responsible for manuka honey’s researched antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties,” says the brand. “The higher the MGO number, the more potent the honey’s bioactive properties.”

Capilano Active Manuka Honey MGO 100+ is promoted as having a “rich, smooth, caramel taste”. It’s available on Woolworths shelves nationally retailing for $11 for 250g.

Said to be “ideal” for winter wellbeing, Capilano Active Manuka Honey MGO 550+ is the most potent Manuka honey in the Capilano range. It’s available exclusively via Woolworths online for $50 for a 250g jar.

“We know how important supporting local beekeepers is to Aussie families and we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to increase the availability of one of nature’s greatest superfoods – manuka honey,” says Dr Ben McKee, COO of Capilano and Chairman of the Australian Manuka Honey Association.

The Australian honey industry has celebrated a recent win with New Zealand’s Intellectual Property Office ruling that NZ honey producers have no exclusive claim to the term ‘manuka honey’. Once a controversial debate, the Australian Manuka Honey Association has welcomed the ruling as a “common sense outcome” along with the Australian honey industry, including Capilano.

“More and more consumers are looking to incorporate bioactive natural foods into their diet. With the launch of these two new all Australian Capilano Manuka honey products we are giving everyone even more reason to shop and support local” says Mr McKee.

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