Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Coca-Cola launches uplifting new ‘Masterpiece’ campaign

Coca-Cola Australia has launched the new global brand Coca-Cola campaign ‘Masterpiece’ with a striking new film that encourages Gen Z audiences to dial into their passions, take a break and enjoy the magic of the moment.

‘Masterpiece’ is the latest expression of the ‘Real Magic’ brand platform and celebrates how Coca-Cola provides uplifting refreshment in moments that matter. The campaign’s creative centrepiece is a short film set in an art museum, where students are sketching select paintings on display. As one student appears uninspired and experiencing an afternoon slump, an arm from a painting reaches across the gallery to grab the Coke bottle from Warhol’s pop-art masterpiece. A clever use of animation and AI sees famous artworks including Edvard Much’s ‘Scream’ and J.M.W. Turner’s 1805 painting ‘The Shipwreck’ come to life to help deliver the bottle of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to the student, giving him an instant hit of refreshment.

Coca-Cola Australia Marketing Director Kate Miller says, “It’s no secret that Gen Z is a busy audience. They’re passionate and always on the go, and focused on making the most of every day, but this fast-paced lifestyle can lead to burnout. We hope this creative campaign inspires people to take a break, refresh and lift their mood with an ice-cold Coca-Cola.”

The campaign will roll out across an extensive range of media, including OOH, social channels such as Snapchat, Meta, and YouTube, as well as BVOD channels Channel 7, Channel 9, Foxtel, SBS, Channel 10 and Twitch.

The online video can be viewed here.

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