Coles and Heart Foundation launch Coles Health Hub

Coles and the Heart Foundation are teaming up in encouraging Aussies to eat healthy and feel better, with the launch of Coles Health Hub.

Survey results provided via YouGov Galaxy Poll show that while 89% of Aussies want a healthier diet, one-quarter confessed to never or rarely exercising. Additionally, on average, people spend nearly four hours on devices outside of daily work demands.

Coles Health Hub is an online hub that will include regularly updated information relating to exercise, diet, mental health management and social and community support.

The hub will also feature heart-healthy recipes from the Heart Foundation.

“Caring for our health and happiness has never been more important than it is today,” says Coles General Manager of Media and Sponsorship, Kate Bailey.

“At Coles, we have taken significant steps to expand our health offering by increasing our focus on fresh food, eliminating artificial colours and flavours and introducing new affordable healthy meal solutions and product ranges such as Wellness Road.”

Ms Bailey adds that Coles has chosen to partner with the Heart Foundation, due to their expertise around advice and information on nutrition and exercise.

The Heart Foundation Groups, CEO Adjunct Professor John Kelly says, “Australians are looking for engaging, yet simple ways to improve their health as part of their everyday lives.

“Through heart-healthy recipe ideas, exercise tips and information, we can help more Australians reduce their risks for heart disease and live well longer.”

Ad/Prof. Kelly emphasises that Coles is in a unique position to use its customer interactions to drive change.

“We share a goal to put people’s health and wellbeing at the centre of what we do.”

Visit the Coles Health Hub via

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