Monday, June 17, 2024

Coles expands carbon neutral beef range

Coles is expanding its “industry-leading” Coles Finest Certified Carbon Neutral Beef range, launching it into more stores around the country.

Following a successful launch in Victoria earlier this year, the range of six premium quality cuts of beef is now also available to customers in NSW, South Australia and Tasmania.

The range is certified carbon neutral from paddock to shelf in accordance with the Australian government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.

Coles National Livestock Manager (beef and lamb) Stephen Rennie says the retailer is proud to partner with farmers to provide more customers with a sustainable meat product and support Coles’ Together to Zero ambitions.

“We were really encouraged by the response we received when we launched Coles Finest Certified Carbon Neutral Beef in Victoria earlier this year, and we’re very excited to be able to provide this industry-leading, sustainable option to more customers around the country,” he says.

“Not only has Coles delivered on the country’s first own brand carbon neutral beef range, but we’ve also produced a high-quality and great-tasting product that will meet the customer’s growing need for sustainable options.”

Integrity Ag and Environment Managing Director Dr Stephen Wiedemann has been working with Coles for the past two years to pilot and deliver innovative ways to lower emissions throughout the entire supply chain and use emission removals to deliver carbon neutrality.

“We certify every farm and facility throughout the whole supply chain to confirm emissions, emission reductions and emission removals. These results are independently verified by a third-party verifier and approved by the federal government’s Climate Active program,” he says.

“In this program, we are delivering low-emission beef by maximising productivity in the supplier herds, insetting via on-farm tree planting, soil carbon sequestration and in the near future, feeding next generation supplements to directly reduce livestock emissions. This is an exciting program delivering real change through the whole industry.”

Coles Finest Certified Carbon Neutral Beef is packaged in a recyclable tray made from 90% recycled and plant-based sources, an “Australian innovation” by Coles’ packaging partner Plantic.

The range is now available online and in store for customers in Victoria, NSW, and SA, and will be available nationally by April 2023.

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