Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Coles’ Farmers’ Fund milk set to launch

Farmers’ Fund milk will be available to buy later this week in most Coles supermarkets across Victoria for 2lt of skim or full-cream milk.

The milk, which is produced by Murray Goulburn and Coles under licence from the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF), will provide consumers an opportunity to invest in a stronger dairy farming future where grants will be distributed for infrastructure, education or expert advice that helps build a more viable business.

VFF President David Jochinke said the establishment of the Farmers’ Fund brand had strong potential to bridge the gap between primary producers and consumers.

“Many people have asked what they can do to help dairy farmers,” he said. “If they’re not already buying branded milk, they can now buy Farmers’ Fund milk knowing that they are directly investing 40¢ straight into the Farmers’ Fund.

“Milk is our first product and is the start of something much greater. There is a great opportunity for a farmer advocacy group like VFF to leverage the Farmers’ Fund brand to share with consumers the challenges farmers face and show how to support them all year round, not only in times of need.”

Coles has kick-started the Farmers’ Fund with a $1 million contribution from its Nurture Fund, allowing the VFF to fast-track the application and approval process for grants with the first round being distributed by mid-October. Every three months all funds raised through the sale of Farmers’ Fund milk will be distributed through a new round of applications.

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