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Coles Father’s Day Gift Guide

Coles pre-Father’s Day survey reveals key customer trends and demand for great value gifting and last-minute buys.

Coles’ convenient range of gifts caters for all father figures, from the lover of the great outdoors to the movie buff and more, there is something to suit every dad and every budget at Coles, and Liquorland. Highlights include:

  • Giant Chocolate Doughnut, $7.50ea, available at Coles.
  • Superhero Mug Gift Box, $6ea, or Marvel Superhero Glass & Socks set, $15ea, available at Coles.
  • AFL/ NRL Piggy Bank, $12ea, available at Coles.
  • Blaupunkt 50” UHD Android TV, $399, available at participating Coles Best Buys stores.
  • Decathlon Golf Set 7 Clubs Adult 100 Right-Handed Graphite, $399, available at

  • Kuchenprofi Arizona Barbecue 16 Piece Set, $129 set, available at
  • Wallaroo 3-in-1 Charcoal BBQ Smoker, $69ea, available at
  • ‘Dad Beer’ $12, available in packs of four at Liquorland and First Choice Liquor.

In a recent pre-Father’s Day study, Coles surveyed more than 8600 Australians to understand how they intend to celebrate Father’s Day this year and what they will be looking out for when purchasing gifts.

According to more than 8600 Australian’s surveyed[1]:

  • Togetherness is at the heart of Father’s Day this year, with 50% of dads looking forward to spending time with their loved ones the most on the special day, followed by 34% of people looking forward to giving or receiving gifts.
  • Father’s Day is a home affair this year with 49% of families opting to stay in to celebrate. Of those wanting to save on extra expense, 42% of people are choosing to eat in rather than out.
  • Of those celebrating Father’s Day, 74% of people are buying or doing something for their own father.
    • Most popular gifting items include Father’s Day cards (36%) and gift cards, vouchers and Tickets (16%).
    • 40% of father’s say their kid’s mothers decide what to get them for Father’s Day, and this increases to 89% in families with kids six years old and under.
    • Two out of three fathers state that kids decide what gift to get them for Father’s Day.
  • Almost 40% of Australian’s are looking for specials more than ever amid the rise of food prices and cost of living to keep the Father’s Day expenses down.
    • Of those who are concerned about food prices, people manage their spend mainly by focussing on specials and promotions (37%) and having a set budget (29%).
  • Barbeque foods (19%), dips and crackers (19%), breakfast foods (17%) and cakes (17%) are the top foods to be consumed for Father’s Day.
    • Pre-packaged salads and hot roast BBQ chooks are the most popular ‘shortcut’ products for a Father’s Day feast.
    • Coles customers’ favourite foods to share with Dad are chocolates, cards and hot roasts.
  • Lunch is the most popular meal time to celebrate Dad (39%) followed by dinner (29%)
  • Dad’s alcoholic beverage of choice is beer (26%), followed by red & white Wine (17%), and sparkling wines (13%).
  • Gratefulness is the top reported feeling this year, closely followed by feelings of love and excitement for the Father’s Day period.

Coles General Manager for Non-Food, Jonathan Torr says Coles’ Father’s Day offering this year includes the most exciting range of great value gift ideas to date, catering to every budget.

“We know customers are always looking for unique gift ideas, and our Father’s Day offering this year is exactly that. From an Android Smart TV, a set of golf clubs from our exclusive Best Buys online range, or a Superhero Mug Gift Box available in-store, there is something for every dad,” Mr Torr said.

“We are committed to providing the very best value to our customers and with many facing continued cost of living pressures, we know that budget-friendly options are a priority for many this year.”

[1] Source: Coles Circle Main Event Survey: Father’s Day. Field dates 17th – 24th August 2022, n = 8,621

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