Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Coles helping Victorians to recycle drink containers

Coles is rolling out 47 reverse vending machines across its Victorian stores as the state launches its container deposit scheme (CDS) today.

The CDS allows Victorians to earn a 10¢ refund when they return any eligible can, bottle or carton, such as single serve flavoured milk and fruit juice.

Coles General Manager Grocery Leanne White says the scheme is an excellent way for customers to be rewarded for recycling and allows used cans, bottles and other eligible containers to be recycled into new products.

“We’re proud to be adding reverse vending machines to 47 stores across the state in the coming months, from Bendigo to Blackburn, Berwick and Braybrook. We want to help make recycling as easy as possible for our customers,” she says.

“Now Victorian customers can be rewarded for returning their used cans, bottles and cartons, with the option to put the funds towards their next shop at Coles, redeem for cash, give to a charity, or add it straight into their bank account.”

At the completion of Coles’ Victorian roll out, the retailer will have a total of 139 container collection points at or near its stores across the country, with Tasmania the remaining state to introduce a container deposit scheme.

Last financial year, more than 200 million drink containers, cans, cartons and bottles were returned to Coles-linked sites. Since the retailer started supporting the various state-based schemes in 2018, more than a billion containers have been returned to Coles-linked sites.

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