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Coles introduces deli style sandwich meats to its vegan range

Coles has added two varieties of deli style meats to its vegan range, as Get Plant’d Ham Slices and Get Plant’d Steak Slices arrive in selected stores around Australia this week.

“Our new Get Plant’d Ham and Steak Slices are the perfect sandwich fillings and will make lunchtimes easy. Our Steak Slices have a rich, robust flavour that tastes a lot like old-fashioned roast beef. Our Ham Slices are so similar to traditional shaved ham that I’d challenge meat-eaters to spot the difference,” says Get Plant’d co-founder Cale Drouin.

As a brand, Get Plant’d was created with meat-eaters in mind, with Mr Drouin and his team maintaining an emphasis on “great taste and product versatility.” The range is intended to make it easy for plant-curious customers to shift their dietary choices with simple ‘one for one’ swaps.

While Get Plant’d Ham Slices are sourced from overseas, Get Plant’d Steak Slices are prepared in a dedicated facility in south-west Brisbane. Mr Drouin worked closely with an in-house research and development chef – Josie Wyatt – to ensure that Get Plant’d Steak Slices would meet the growing demand for nutritionally beneficial vegan meats.

“Our steak slices are made from seitan, which is a low-fat source of plant-based protein. To create seitan, we take a specific type of flour, add water, and create a dough that can be seasoned and cooked to mimic traditional meat,” explains Get Plant’d research and development chef Josie Wyatt.

“Seitan has been used as a meat substitute in Asian culinary traditions for centuries. While we’re using a time-honoured method, we have made some tweaks in order to produce Get Plant’d Steak Slices at large-scale volumes.”

According to a report compiled by Griffith University last year, a third of Australians have reduced their meat consumption for reasons such as personal health, environmental conservation, animal welfare, and other ethical concerns. The report also found that for many people, peer influence played a role in driving change, as did the increased accessibility of plant-based foods in major grocery stores.

“We know that plant-curious shoppers are looking for convenience and variety. We’re excited to add Get Plant’d Ham and Steak Slices to our existing range at Coles, along with old favourites including our Pepperoni, Bacon, Roast Duck, Roast Chicken, and char siu style Roast Pork,” Mr Drouin said.

Get Plant’d Ham and Steak Slices are available in the chilled aisle at Coles supermarkets, with stock arriving in Western Australia one week later.

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