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Coles raising funds for endangered koalas

Coles has teamed up with conservation organisation Aussie Ark to raise funding for the protection of Australian wildlife, specifically koalas (they are said to be facing extinction in NSW and Queensland).

According to the retailer, Australia’s koalas have now been officially classified as ‘endangered’ after widespread bushfires, drought, floods and land clearing.

“Approximately 80% of koala habitat,” says Coles, “has been lost and at the current rate of decline, some species of koala could be extinct by 2050.”

Coles’ support

To help raise funds and teach future generations on the importance of protecting our wildlife, Coles has launched its first-ever free children’s e-book called ‘The Picky Little Koala’.

For every download of the e-book between now and 19 April, the retailer will donate $1 to Aussie Ark, up to $100,000.

Coles is also continuing to donate 5¢ from the sale of every So Soft & Strong Facial Tissues box sold to Aussie Ark. The tissue boxes feature artwork of the endangered brush-tailed rock wallaby and the koala.

Support much needed

Aussie Ark President Tim Faulkner says the organisation is delighted to be working with Coles to help make a difference to Australian wildlife facing extinction.

“We are so proud to be working with Coles on this fantastic initiative that not only educates families and future generations on the plight of our iconic koala and all Australian wildlife, but also raises funds to support our programs, such as preserving and expanding koala habitats and protecting against feral pests, weeds and fires,” he says.

“Koalas are iconic around the world and loved by all Aussies. Sadly, like many Australian species they are on a downward spiral and are disappearing before our very eyes. Bushfires, floods, deforestation, disease, urban sprawl and feral predators are all squeezing our wildlife. It is up to us to protect them.

“Our on-going partnership with Coles will enable us to raise money through products Australians buy every day, such as tissues, and now through a free and educational e-book for the whole family to enjoy. So, while reading to your own little ones this holiday season, know that you’ll be helping protect Australia’s iconic wildlife.”

A valued partnership

Coles Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Ronson says the retailer is pleased to expand its partnership with Aussie Ark.

“At Coles, we really value our partnership with Aussie Ark and the opportunity we have to assist in the recovery of our endangered species for future generations to come, particularly after seeing the devastating impact of bushfires and recent flooding on native animal species,” she says.

“‘The Picky Little Koala’ e-book is completely free and comes at a time when we’re looking for new and easy ways to entertain kids over [the] Easter holidays….”

Download a free copy of ‘The Picky Little Koala’ e-book from Apple Books and soon on Google Play.

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