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Crowdfunding campaign aims to save the planet

Charbel Zeaiter

Conscious consumerism is a huge topic, setting the trends for many purchases in 2020. The Alt Saints are a group of brands on a mission to protect the world’s animals, plant life, native jungles and rainforests, insects and seas and oceans.

And how are they doing that?


They have launched an equity crowdfunding campaign with Birchal to raise up to $1 million.

The Alt Saints encompasses four food sub-brands inspired by unique patron saints characters. Each brand has its own high-margin food category – ‘Saint Frankie’ (Cereals), ‘Saint Dottie’ (Donuts), ‘Saint Buzz’ (Salad and Juice) and ‘Saint Estelle’ (Ice-cream) – and collectively shares 10% of revenue with organisations actively working to solve complicated ecological challenges.

“Our environment and all the living things that inhabit our planet are under threat, and we have no how-to handbook to navigate these challenges,” says Founder and creator of The Alt Saints and Saint Frankie, Charbel Zeaiter.

“With The Alt Saint’s clear, intentional purpose to make the world a better place, we are uniquely positioned to lead other companies into a space of genuine corporate social responsibility.”

Australian generations are becoming more aware of trend towards conscious consumerism and sustainability with 55% of Gen Z believing a company’s social and environmental efforts are ‘extremely’ or ‘very important’ when considering whether to purchase a product, this is according to research from Finder’s Consumer Sentiment Tracker.

“With an ethos of getting the best out of people, we’re committed to giving people the space to develop, grow and take part in our mission. Our vision is to challenge the unskilled labour approach that permeates many foodservice companies today,” says Mr Zeaiter.

The Alt Saints has secured initial investment support from renowned chef, Manu Feildel, and will use funds raised in the campaign for manufacturing and product innovation, customer experience, sales and distribution as well as marketing.

For more information on The Alt Saint’s Birchal campaign, visit

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