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Demographics differentiate deal seekers

According to Roy Morgan Research, some consumers are more receptive than others to shopping-trolley advertising and supermarket-docket specials, with factors such as age, living arrangements, work status and attitude to grocery shopping being influential.

In the 12 months to March 2016, 10.8 per cent of surveyed consumers in Australia aged 14-plus agreed that “I usually notice the advertisements on shopping trolleys when I go grocery shopping” and 22 per cent reported that “I often take advantage of the special offers on the back of my supermarket shopping docket”.

The highest proportion of respondents to notice shopping-trolley ads were in the 25-34 age bracket (18.8 per cent) while the lowest was in the 65-plus bracket (5.7 per cent).

The younger demographic are also more likely to take advantage of the special offers on their supermarket docket (27.6 per cent), in striking contrast to 50-64 year olds (16.4 per cent).

Those who enjoy grocery shopping are considerably more open to notice advertisements on shopping trolleys than those who don’t enjoy it (15.1 per cent compared with 6.7 per cent, respectively) as well as being more likely to take advantage of the offers on the reverse of their docket (27.7 per cent versus 17.1 per cent).

Living alone seems to reduce a person’s likelihood of engaging with these kinds of supermarket promotions, in contrast to students and those who live in shared accommodation, both of whom come out above average (bearing in mind, of course, that there would be some crossover between these two groups).

Roy Morgan Research Industry Communications Director Norman Morris says there remains a place for tried-and-true methods such as special offers on supermarket dockets and ads on shopping trolleys.

“However, it’s crucial that marketers have a solid understanding of which consumers will be most receptive to these promotions – and tailor their campaigns accordingly,” he said.

Mr Morris says marketers can use Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas profiling tool to gain an accurate insight into the country’s myriad consumer groups.

“Helix reveals that people from the ‘getting by’ community are especially likely to notice shopping-trolley ads and make the most of offers on the back of their supermarket dockets,” he said.

“Often from non-Anglo backgrounds, these young, outer-suburban families tend to be on a tight budget, so are always on the lookout for ways to get a bigger bang for their buck.”

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