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Feeding under pressure supply chain

Kings Transport Group and LDJ Transport have partnered with Lite n’ Easy, a healthy meal delivery company, to provide truck drivers with a range of meals and snacks as part of a four-week healthy eating initiative.

“We know that sitting for extended periods of time has a negative impact on our general health and well-being,” says Accredited Practising Dietitian for Lite n’ Easy Ashleigh Jones.

“It can cause weight gain that leads to disease, as well as brain fog and demotivation. Eating fast food or unhealthy snacks on the go is also a contributing factor when it comes to fatigue and concentration.

“We hope this joint initiative with Kings Transport and LDJ Transport demonstrates that eating healthy meals and snacks can have a life-changing, positive effect on both the mind and body,” she says.

Now the new pilot program has revealed its first round of successful results.

Kings Transport Group driver Shane Howat lost eight kilograms over the four-week trial and says he has never felt better.

“Sitting all day long, driving a vehicle can make it hard to look after the body,” says Mr Howat.

“By changing what I was eating and the time of day I sat down for meals, I noticed considerable weight loss.

“I also experienced improved sleep and saw a significant change in my concentration, which is so important when on the road for eight hours a day. I actually couldn’t believe how good I felt,” he says.

All of the drivers in the trial reported at least one area of improvement whether it was weight loss, sleep quality, concentration or fatigue levels.

“We are heavily invested in the health and well-being of our employees, and we know now more than ever, how much strain and pressure is on our country’s supply chain,” says Kings Transport Group CEO Barry Thompson.

“We need to look after the sector as much as possible to ensure they are fighting fit. This four-week trial has shown incredible initial results.”

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