Monday, June 17, 2024

Gen Z prioritises digital life

A new study reveals the increased importance of online experiences over in-person ones, with people basing real-life decisions on what they see online.

The study, released by e-commerce platform Squarespace in partnership with YouGov, provides new insights into the digital behaviours of Australians over the past year.

It found that across generations, Gen Z respondents (65%) are the most likely to believe that their online presence is an extension of their physical persona and 58% of millennials are more likely to remember the colour of a website than the colour of someone’s eyes.

Digital trust

A strong online presence is also crucial for the success of businesses today. Almost all Australians surveyed (82%) agree they wouldn’t engage with a business on some level without checking them out online first.

“The findings of this study show that some people are basing real-life decisions, such as who they date, where they eat and what they buy on what they see online,” says Squarespace CMO Kinjil Mathur.

“The survey suggested that Australians visit more than 3,200 websites in a year on average and are more likely to remember the last website they visited than their own tax file number.

“It’s clear that it has never been more important for brands and individuals to consider how they present themselves online.”

Other findings

  • 60% of millennials say that a business isn’t legitimate unless it has a well-designed website
  • When encountering a business with a well-designed website, half of Australians say they are more likely to shop at a business again (51%), and that they find the business more credible (49%). Additionally, one in five say they are willing to spend more money there (21%)
  • On average Australians who browse websites online, visit 9 websites per day, that’s over 3,200 a year.


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