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Giesen launches first red 0% wine

Capitalising on the growing consumer appetite for low and no alcohol beverage alternatives, New Zealand’s Giesen Group has introduced their first non-alcohol red wine, a 0% Merlot, into their popular 0% alcohol-removed range.

Australia will be the first market globally to discover the taste of this new release, which was conceived due to overwhelming consumer feedback via social media.

The 0% Merlot is sourced from premium fruit from the famed Hawke’s Bay wine region and has a soft acidity structure which makes it a perfect red varietal to create a balanced, well-structured no-alcohol wine.

With strong varietal characters of plum, cherry and blackberry, it’s an aromatic red wine which is easy drinking and a perfect match with food.

“This is a delicious red wine with all the flavour and structure you’d expect from a Merlot, but without the alcohol,” says Winemaker Duncan Shouler.

“Dry in style, but still with bright varietal characters. We’ve worked hard on the flavour profile of this new release to preserve the tannins and structure. It has a wonderful lightness making it a refreshing choice and great with a range of foods.”

The Merlot is made in the same way as the white wines in the 0% range. The wine is made as a full-strength red wine initially, with the alcohol then gently removed with innovative spinning cone technology.

The wine is distilled into three layers; aroma, alcohol and the body of the wine. The delicate aroma is collected and recombined with the body of the wine, adding just a touch of premium grape juice to the final blend. It’s also 70% lower in calories than a regular 12.5% alc/vol wine at just 18 calories per 100ml glass.

With global demand for this style of wines, it is said to be a perfect option for those participating in mindful drinking initiatives like Febfast or looking for a healthier drinking alternative to enjoy.

The Giesen 0% Merlot has a recommended retail price of $18.99.

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