Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Golden North achieves 5 stars in Canstar Blue ice cream category

South Australian owned and made ice cream company Golden North has achieved top spot through Canstar Blue, its sixth consecutive victory.

The accolade not only acknowledges Golden North as having the ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ for its ice cream tubs in 2023, it is the first ice cream brand to achieve 5 stars in every selection criteria of the significant award – taste, value for money, texture/consistency, packaging convenience, variety/range and overall satisfaction. Golden North beat 10 other national and international ice cream brands to take out top marks and the overall win.

“To be able to maintain the Canstar Blue title for six years in a row in today’s competitive ice cream market is incredible. This year in particular being our 100th birthday, we are thrilled beyond words to hear that we are the only brand in ice cream tubs to have ever received 5 stars for not only overall satisfaction, but also across all categories. This is a significant achievement as it demonstrates our commitment to quality and consistency within the business. We look forward to more accomplishments to come in the promising future for Golden North,” says Golden North Ice Cream Managing Director Peter Adamo.

“Almost 70% of Australian ice-cream lovers eat ice cream at least once a week, so they know from plenty of experience what makes a great product. That makes Golden North’s continued domination as the producer of Australia’s favourite ice cream tubs even more impressive – it meets, and exceeds, the expectations of a demanding audience and it does so not just on the all-important taste factor but also in offering an impressive range of ice cream options that deliver value for money in the eyes of shoppers. Golden North’s ability to deliver a five-star performance for six consecutive years is a testament to its expertise in satisfying customers with one of life’s little luxuries!” says Canstar Blue Editor-In-Chief Christine Seib.

The award coincides with the brand’s milestone 100th birthday. Since 1923, Golden North has been crafting ice cream using only the freshest milk and cream from its Laura Factory, in regional South Australia. Established by the Bowker family, Golden North continues to “stand tall as an Australian owned business, asserting its dominance in the ice cream market for many decades. Golden North is currently the biggest employer in the township of Laura, supporting local communities and economies.”

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