Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Golden Wok pays homage to Grandma

Makmur Enterprises’ Golden Wok is celebrating the adored chairlady behind the brand with new dumpling flavours: prawn hargow and prawn gyoza.

A key supporter and contributor to Makmur Enterprises, Elly Meriati Tjangdjaja, known lovingly as Grandma, has played a key role in sharing the family history, culture, and food diplomacy through her recipe development and hard work.

Working closely alongside the Golden Wok team, the matriarch has been pivotal in Golden Wok’s success and remains a strong source of inspiration for the brand.

“Grandma’s range is a homage to Indonesian hospitality showed to us by our dearly loved Grandma Elly,” says Makmur Enterprises Director Kevin Tjangdjaja.

“It’s about bringing people together through delicious food that’s made with love and care. There’s nothing like Grandma’s home made dumplings, and we saw an opportunity to share the love with the rest of Australia through Grandma’s Golden Wok’s range.”

Available exclusively at Coles, Grandma Wok’s new dumplings retail for $7.50 (250g) and $18.50 (800g). Prawn Hargow and Prawn Gyoza join the brand established range comprising Pork Gyoza, Duck Gyoza, Chicken Gyoza and Vegetable Gyoza.

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