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Growing intersect between environment and health

A new study shows that the environment and health, the two most pressing consumer demands, are converging.

This comes to light via a research study carried out by Tetra Pak in partnership with Ipsos.

The convergence is creating opportunities for food and beverage brands in how they market their products to consumers over the next year.

Chain of responsibility features retailers and brands in lower tiers

According to the study, two-thirds of consumers now believe that the planet is reaching an environmental tipping point, and see themselves as being directly responsible for the world around them, and for their own health, with little difference between the two (71 per cent and 74 per cent respectively). This responsibility is followed by government and politicians, with retailers and brands featuring lower down.

The report shows that consumers concern with their health is commensurate with their concern about the planet, with nearly 60 per cent of consumers now believing that their health and wellbeing are strongly affected by environmental problems.

Mental health is considered on a par with physical health, with 67 per cent of consumers seeing it as a big societal concern, and stress is a condition that elicits the most concern on a physical level.

Tetra Pak index helps navigate new terrain

The Tetra Pak Index 2019 report highlights six segments of consumers, each with their own attitudes around health and the environment. Each group presents opportunities for targeted products and messaging for food and beverage brands seeking to embrace convergence of these topics. The groups span active ambassadors; plant friends; followers; laggards; and sceptics.


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