Tuesday, April 16, 2024

H2coco Pure Pink Coconut Water drops into stores

H2coco has launched its Pure Pink Coconut Water range, a beverage the company says will transform the better-for-you category.

The product – which is actually pink when bottled – is compared to a non-alcoholic glass of rosé: it is a sweeter, lighter version of H2coco’s classic Pure Coconut Water.

The company says its Pure Pink Coconut Water is free of additives, dairy, lactose, fat and cholesterol. It is vegan-friendly too.

‘Aromatic water’

H2coco is said to be the first Australian coconut water brand to introduce the pink waters from Nam Hom coconuts in a small province in Thailand. Literally meaning ‘aromatic water’, the Nam Hom coconut variety is grown specially to produce and consume the coconut water inside.

“Our Pure Pink Coconut Water range is a fragrant, sweet coconut water with a flavour that will please even the most discerning palate,” H2coco founder and CEO David Freeman said.

“Classic coconut water can be an acquired taste and we believe our Pure Pink Coconut Water will appeal to everyone, even non-coconut water drinkers.

“It has tested extremely well in market trials and we are excited to be the first to bring this product to Australians who love coconut water, as well as introducing our unique pink coconut water to those who are not currently coconut water consumers.”

Pure Pink Coconut Water is available at Woolworths stores nationally in 1L tetra packs (RRP $7) and Caltex in a 280mL bottles (RRP $3.50).

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