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Herman Brot’s Low Carb Wraps are back

Herman Brot’s Low Carb Wraps have returned following a hiatus.

The Low Carb Wraps first launched in 2020, but due to delays caused by Covid-19, the product hasn’t been available since the third quarter of last year.

Re-launched in Herman Brot’s brand-new packaging, the product has had a “slight recipe tweak”. Each wrap is now claimed to boast 15.1g of protein and “only” 4.6g of carbs.

Herman Brot founder Christian Coenen says he is delighted that the wraps are now back in stores.

“Our low carb wraps were already a market leader and in order to ensure availability, we knew we had to produce locally,” he says.

“We have perfected what is now the tastiest and most nutritious wrap on the market.

“Our wraps are a premium product in a category that is growing at a very fast rate. Although there are many cheaper wraps on the market, our brand philosophy is to never sacrifice quality and nutrition for price.”

The Herman Brot Low Carb Wraps carry the 5-star health-rating and are made using “pure” plant protein. They are promoted as being suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone looking to include more plant-based protein in their diet.

“The team at SUGiRS University of Sydney have also tested the wraps with an incredible low GI27 and have deemed them suitable for inclusion [in] the diets of people living with Type 2 Diabetes,” adds Herman Brot.

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