Saturday, June 15, 2024

Ho Mai launches entertaining range

Ho Mai by Makmur Enterprises continues to bring beloved and traditional Cantonese favourites to Australian consumers with its latest entertainment range.

The tasty and convenient offerings are said to make banqueting, fun and affordable (all packs are RRP $7) and the entire Ho Mai Range is quick to prepare – either deep fry, air fry or oven bake.

The esteemed matriarch of the Makmur Group, Grandma Elly creates all the Makmur ranges from original recipes, and the Prawn Money Bags is her latest offering.

The range comprises:

  • Prawn Money Bags – A traditional New Year dish that look like actual money bags (320g bag of 16 pieces).
  • Sesame Prawn Toast – a family recipe that was launched forty years ago, Sesame Prawn Toast is the ultimate crowd pleaser and is the perfect cocktail party starter (255g bag of 15 pieces).
  • Asian Dessert Bites – with flavours such as vanilla, chocolate and zesty lemon, Asian Dessert Bites are an example of the western tradition of dessert that has been fully embraced by Makmur Enterprises. These after meal sweeteners are the first in the Makmur Asian dessert range (300g bag of 15 pieces).
  • Vegetable Tempura – Sweet potato and pumpkin tempura is a delicious Asian finger food that can be served as a canapé, entrée or the main event (360g bag of 16 pieces).
  • Potato Puff Pastry –a traditional Asian Potato Puff Pastry, made with two types of potato folded in pastry (360g bag of 12 pieces).

Makmur Enterprises has been manufacturing FMCG cook-at-home foods from its Richmond factory for the Australian public since 1978. The business continues to expand and has sold over 30 millions pieces of spring rolls and over 25 million pieces of the entertainment range in the last year alone.

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