Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Honest to Goodness acquires Eco-Farms grocery brands

Honest to Goodness has acquired two well-known health food brands, Absolute Organic and Eco Organics. The acquisition enables Honest to Goodness to expand its range of pantry staples and offer more choices to its customers.

Absolute Organic offers a wide range of certified organic products including canned goods, snacks, spreads, and more. Eco Organics specialises in organic noodles and gluten-free, low card, vegan pasta that offer a better nutritional profile than regular wheat pastas, providing health-conscious customers with a tasty and guilt-free alternative.

“We are excited to welcome Absolute Organic and Eco Organics, two of Australia’s most popular health food brands to the Honest to Goodness family,” says Honest to Goodness founder and CEO Matt Ward.

With this acquisition, Honest to Goodness aims to offer its customers a wide range of natural and organic products including plant-based foods, snacks and pantry staples that are sustainable sourced and eco-friendly.

“We’re committed to maintaining the strong relationships that Absolute Organic and Eco Organics have with their customers and suppliers, and we’ll work closely with them to ensure a steady supply of high-quality products,” Mr Ward said.

“Our focus is on delivering the best products to our customers while also maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers and promoting a more sustainable food system.”

The acquisition is part of Honest to Goodness’ ongoing commitment to sustainability, transparency and ethical businesses practices.

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