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How business fits into quarantine Halloween

Each year Halloween becomes more popular in Australia, with Pinterest seeing a 20% year over year increase of its Aussie users searching for Halloween inspiration.

Every month, more than 400 million people around the world use Pinterest.

With 97% of searches being unbranded, the team at Pinterest say it’s an effective place to reach people while they’re still considering their next buying decision.

Pinterest says they can help businesses tell their brand story, engage with customers across the entire customer journey from inspiration to action, and drive key business results.

Below is a list supplied by Pinterest on how consumers around the world are feeling inspired on the app and taking action for this year’s Halloween celebrations:

Outdoor celebration ideas for keeping distance:

Users are looking at taking Halloween outside, as a way to connect.

  • Outdoor Halloween party +90%
  • Haunted garage 4x
  • Halloween lawn decorations 3x
  • Halloween outdoor wreaths 2.5x

Decorating each room of the house:

By decorating each room, families can have an immersive Halloween experience without having to leave the house.

  • Halloween themed bedroom 9x
  • Kitchen Halloween décor 4x
  • Haunted mansion bathroom 3x
  • Halloween living room +80%
  • Halloween furniture +90%

Games and activities for the whole family:

Users are looking for fun activities and projects.

  • DIY Halloween projects 26x
  • DIY Halloween village 4x
  • Halloween scavenger hunt 2x
  • Halloween toddler party 6x (like an obstacle course)

Throwing fun and fancy Halloween meals:

Since many can’t easily go to restaurants, users are preparing to stay at home.

Searching for food ideas:

  • Halloween charcuterie board 4x
  • Halloween finger foods 3x
  • Halloween drinks for kids 2.5x
  • Halloween cocktails +68%
  • Healthy Halloween treats +53%

Table décor:

  • Halloween table setting 4.5x
  • Halloween bar ca rt +87%
  • Halloween table cenerpieces +67%

For additional insights, visit the Pinterest Newsroom.

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