Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Hunt and Brew unveils 100% recycled bottles

Hunt and Brew has announced its bottles are now being made from 100% recycled plastic as well as being 100% kerbside recyclable.

According to the boutique coffee maker, the shift to more sustainable packaging ensures the company is continuing to take steps that reduce its environmental impact where possible.

“At Hunt and Brew we want to be part of the circular economy with recycled plastic bottles,” says Hunt and Brew Manager Emily Creer.

“Our consumers are concerned about single use plastics and this in addition to the container deposit scheme helps to ensure we close the loop.”

Hunt and Brew launched the “first” Australian cold brew product earlier this year. It has no added sugar, and the coffee beans are sourced from far north Queensland.

“We are proud to be taking a broad view in terms of sustainability by looking across the entire supply chain,” says Ms Creer.

“Our Australia coffee not only has recycled plastic bottles, but also is supporting local Queensland farmers and reducing the food miles across the country.”

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