Thursday, February 22, 2024

Indie SA ghee brand unveils revitalised identity with BrandOpus

Working with global brand-led creative agency, BrandOpus, South Australian ghee brand OMGhee has launched its new visual identity, bringing to life the creative brand idea of “unleash the glow”.

Like many start-ups, OMGhee’s visual identity had grown organically over time, leading to a fragmented suite of assets and a disjointed brand story. Recognising the time was right to scale-up, founder Lisa Ormenyessy engaged BrandOpus to build upon existing elements of the brand to create a single-minded and compelling brand platform designed to deliver to the future-growth plans of the business.

Working with sometimes competing narratives, throughout a strategic realignment process BrandOpus weaved a brand story that bought together the ideas of the cook being sacred, a light-hearted and playful tonality and a premium price-point. The result is an optimistic, expressive identity system that has allowed OMGhee to show up in a way that immediately and intuitively communicates what the brand stands for, bringing joy back into cooking and capturing the warmth and generosity of the spirit of the founder.

It’s also an unexpected aesthetic for the ghee category, designed to force a reappraisal of the product by today’s home cook who enjoys cooking from scratch. An evaluation of the category found competitors vying for space in either Indian heritage or a type of earnest purity, both of which are saturated. OMGhee’s new identity carves a completely new, playful and expressive position, making ghee accessible and attractive to a whole new audience.

OMGhee founder Lisa Ormenyessy says: “Working with the BrandOpus team was a critical next step in our brand journey. They really helped me to understand how my brand had become a kit of somewhat unrelated parts, meaning my marketing spend had to work twice as hard to achieve breakthrough and have any kind of impact. They strategically reimagined not only my brandmark and pack design, but also created a suite of other visual assets I can use across various marketing touchpoints. I’m thrilled with the result.”

BrandOpus Australia Managing Director Nikki Moeschinger says: “Working with brands like OMGhee, and founders like Lisa, is such an enjoyable experience. Distilling her passion and energy into a visual identity that truly represents the positioning of her band, in an absolutely authentic way, is a rewarding process. Creating a suite of assets for her brand, over and above the brand and pack design, will allow her to activate the brand in a creatively repetitive way, so each and every time someone comes into contact with OMGhee, it will be instantly recognisable, and trigger those wonderful associations of optimism and joyous expression.”

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