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Informing NPD with PLAYHouse

Informing NPD with PLAYHouse. Consumer insights agency PLAY has announced its rebrand into a consumer-led innovation consultancy for Australian FMCG retailers and manufacturers.

The rebrand features additional NPD advisory services alongside its experiential research offering. The goal is to help clients improve their approach to product innovation and turn ideas into successful products.

Building on its roots in FMCG, PLAY’s evolution comes off the back of extensive research into the FMCG industry. After four rounds of customer research, including 50 interviews with industry professionals, the company developed a new suite of services, called PLAYHouse, to address the needs of the market.

No matter clients’ challenges, says PLAY, they receive expert guidance fused with consumer insights throughout the NPD process.

“We are really excited about PLAY transitioning into a consumer-led innovation consultancy,” says Becky Mead, Managing Director.

“Our heritage lies in FMCG innovation research and now we’re calling it out, and adding it to our consulting services as the primary focus. The result is more successful NPD that consumers love.”

The new innovation offering at PLAY aims to address four key challenges:

  • How to innovate the innovation process
  • Fueling the pipeline with valuable opportunities
  • Ensuring innovation is truly consumer-led
  • Monitoring and responding post-launch.

Clients will be able to receive help with all their product development needs, from beginning to end, and can expect agile, targeted recommendations.

“Having spent the last year deep in conversations with the FMCG innovation community, we gained a newfound understanding of their pains and frustrations,” says Chris Thomas, PLAY’s founder.

“With PLAYHouse, we can solve those pains and look forward to working in partnership to make consumers’ lives better.”

PLAY is also home to Australia’s largest sensory research facilities, complete with a fully equipped commercial kitchen, 3D prototyping tools, eye-tracking equipment and more.

Based out of Sydney and Melbourne, PLAY’s seasoned team specialises in end-to-end product innovation within the Australian FMCG sector.

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