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Ingham’s launches Dinner Done with Manu Feildel

Poultry producer Ingham’s has teamed up with celebrity chef Manu Feildel to present Ingham’s ‘Dinner Done’. The campaign includes a series of quick, simple and tasty recipes specifically designed to help Australians with the universal challenges associated with mid-week dinners.

Following research by Ingham’s revealing mid-week dinners as the top meal challenge for Australians, Ingham’s has teamed up with celebrity chef Manu Feildel to create a series of ‘Dinner Done’ recipes, including 15-minute instructional videos, downloadable recipe pdfs and shopping lists, plus tips and tricks to save time in the kitchen, work with flavours, food styling and more.

In early March, trade customers experienced firsthand Ingham’s new partnership with Manu, with Manu popping into the PFD Supplier Forum 2023 in Melbourne to deliver 15 sessions of cooking demonstrations over two days to over 300 PFD sales representatives and managers.

When it comes to mid-week dinners, Ingham’s research revealed most people experience a tension between easy and faster and a desire for more variety, while being faced with limited evening capacity, fear of failure, limited repertoire, and a lack of motivation when grocery shopping.

And with chicken continuing to be the number one meat-protein of choice among Australians – the average Aussie eating 49 kilograms of chicken each year (Australian Chicken Meat Federation), and poultry continuing to be the best value for money meat product – Ingham’s Dinner Done has been launched to help Australians discover new ways to plate already popular chicken products.

Ingham Chief Marketing Officer Seb Brandt says, “We are thrilled to partner with Manu to present Dinner Done. Last year we undertook focus groups with Australians across a mix of ages and cook types discussing meal preparation and planning, and weekday dinners emerged as the number one challenge. Dinner Done has been launched to help answer this need.”

Manu’s Ingham’s Dinner Done recipes will include:

  1. Mexican Chicken Nugget Tacos with Corn & Avocado Salsa – cooking with Ingham’s AirMAZING Nuggets. 15-minute video tutorial available now.
  2. Chicken Tenders with Japanese Cabbage Salad – cooking with Ingham’s Chicken Tenders.
  3. Buffalo Chicken Wing Dings with Cajun Rice – cooking with Ingham’s Buffalo Wing Dings.
  4. French-style Roasted Butterflied Chicken – cooking with Ingham’s whole chicken.
  5. Seasoned Chicken Tray Bake with Corn Slaw (product: whole chicken or pieces).

Ingham’s Dinner Done will also provide recipes from Ingham’s in-house chefs, to help Australians serve up new and exciting meals every week created with popular household ingredients.

Supported by recipes from Ingham’s in-house food-technologists, Ingham’s Dinner Done will provide Australians with new ways to cook and serve Ingham’s wide-range of fresh and frozen poultry products, as well tips for saving time in the kitchen, working with flavours and food styling.

As part of the partnership, Ingham’s is planning some other exciting opportunities with Manu for their trade partners later in the year.

For more information, visit or follow @InghamAustralia on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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