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Kanguru leaps into energy-drinks market

New energy drink Kanguru aims to combine all-natural ingredients with an “anti-crash” result.

The locally owned and manufactured energy drink was created by Queensland-based ophthalmologist Dr David Kitchen, who says he spent four years perfecting the formula.

“I drank coffee and energy drinks, but I felt there had to be something better,” he said.

“Many of the ingredients in existing energy drinks had no real benefit or purpose whatsoever, so what was needed was a more scientific approach.”

Dr Kitchen describes the evolution of the drink as a “technical challenge” that required thousands of hours and hundreds of samples, but says the final result is a drink that delivers “smarter energy and wellbeing benefits”.

Its ingredients include five “evidence-based” natural botanicals: Korean red ginseng (as distinct from panax ginseng), yerba mate, guarana, schisandra and green tea, as well as vitamins, taurine, caffeine and natural flavours.

As well as containing no sugar, more than 90 per cent of Kanguru’s caffeine is claimed to be derived naturally through its botanical ingredients.

Dr Kitchen says consumer-group testing has been “extremely positive” with people enjoying the taste and the “premium presentation” – a reference to the slimline 250ml can with matt black and gold design.

Kanguru is also manufactured in Australia under the country’s strict and safe food standards.

Dr Kitchen says, “I’ve created an evidence-based drink that offers tangible benefits, using natural botanicals with an anti-crash result.”

Kanguru has an RRP of $4.95. Find out more at

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