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Kellogg’s will help teach Aussies about soft plastics

Plastic material

Most of us want to improve our sustainability actions, however research shows that we’re still a little unsure about how it all works.

A quarter of the nation admits that they have limited knowledge on recycling and soft plastics recycling.

Research commissioned by Kellogg’s Australia reveals 85% of the nation aren’t aware that soft plastics, like cereal liners, can be recycled.

Additionally, 90% of Aussies admit they would feel more comfortable recycling if they had a deeper understanding of where the plastics were going.

“Australian’s want to recycle but with so much information out there, it can be overwhelming and confusing,” says Director of Corporate Affairs & General Manager at Kellogg’s New Zealand, Tamara Howe.

Coles Material On Conveyor

“Our research has shown 69% of the nation feel their lack of knowledge actually stops them from recycling.”

To help raise awareness of the fact that soft plastics can be recycled and inspire Aussies and keys on recycling soft plastics – Kellogg’s Australia is working with REDCycle and Replas to create sustainable planter boxes, made with recycled soft plastics.

The sustainable planter boxes will be donated to refresh the community garden at New Lambton South Public School in Newcastle, this December.

Australian actress and Changemaker for the planet, Maree Lowes says, “Kellogg’s have been on the breakfast tables of Aussie families for decades, so I’m excited they’re leading the way on soft plastics recycling.

“We want everyone to know that there are really simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. And it all begins with understanding the how; how plastics can be recycled!”

Kellogg’s cereal liners along with other soft plastics can be recycled via the REDCycle recycling initiative where plastic packaging is collected from the REDCycle drop-off bins at Coles and Woolworths every week.

To learn more about Kellogg’s sustainable initatives and REDCycle, click here.

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