Thursday, April 25, 2024

La Casa MD voices the company’s first ever TVC

La Casa Del Formaggio will be launch its new TV advertising campaign in Adelaide this month.

The TV campaign is the first in the company’s history, and has the company’s Managing Director, Claude Cicchiello, voicing the advertisement.

“My parents came to Australia as migrants, bringing their authentic cheese traditions with them from Italy,” Mr Cicchiello said.

“They set up a continental deli and made cheese in the kitchen to sell in the shop. The cheese-making became the focus of the business and La Casa Del Formaggio was born. Today, we still honour and observe those family traditions. As such, I wanted to voice the advertisement to keep everything as authentic as we could.”

One of the key objectives of the campaign is to help people recognise the La Casa Del Formaggio brand as the one that many of them buy on a regular basis.

“We have a problem that if you say the name La Casa Del Formaggio, people often don’t recognise it,” Mr Cicchiello said.

“Yet when you show these same people the bocconcini tub, they recognise it as the one they buy. So we need people to see the advertisement and say to themselves ‘yeah, that’s the one I buy’ and to hear the name said as they see the logo.”

The campaign will run through the summer in Perth and Adelaide. Results will determine if the same campaign will follow in the eastern states. The advertisement can be viewed here.

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