Sunday, June 16, 2024

Mastercard teams up with Fitbit

Mastercard is bringing Mastercard contactless payments to Fitbit’s first smartwatch, Fitbit Ionic.

With Fitbit Ionic, health and fitness enthusiasts who use the device will be able to add their eligible cards to their fitness smartwatch and pay by simply tapping their device near a contactless terminal at more than 6.6 million merchant locations globally.

The payment functionality will be initially supported in the US with participating issuer banks, and will expand to other markets across the globe soon after.

“Consumers today are expecting technology to help them accomplish life’s daily tasks with as few steps or clicks as possible,” said Mastercard’s Commerce for Every Device Senior Vice President Kiki Del Valle. “By adding payment capabilities to a Fitbit device, Mastercard cardholders who are already on-the-go can easily buy what they need without having to bring their wallet with them.”

Mastercard says its industry-leading token services give consumers the freedom to shop using the device most convenient to them, with the highest level of security available for payments. As part of this service, Mastercard generates a unique alternative number or ‘token’ for the 16-digit card number found on the front or back of a payment card. The token number is not only different from the card number but is also, on its own, useless when trying to perform a transaction via a different device. Mastercard says their tokens are a safer way to process payments without actual bank or credit details being exposed.

“We’re focused on delivering the features that add that right level of utility to our users, so they can focus on reaching their health and fitness goals,” Fitbit Product Management Vice President Jon Oakes said. “Fitbit Pay lets you make payments on the go directly from your wrist with Fitbit Ionic, adding convenience to your life and the ability to leave your smartphone and wallet at home. We’re delighted to work with Mastercard to deliver the freedom of contactless payments to our users.”

By adding payments capability to Fitbit Ionic, Mastercard is ensuring that everyone, everywhere, has the ability to make and receive secure payments using any connected device across a number of different ‘verticals’ such as wearables, connected cars, smart home and retail.

Mastercard will also add payment capabilities to the newly launched Garmin vivoactive 3.


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