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MasterFoods insights into Aussie mustard preferences

National Mustard Day is 5 August and MasterFoods™ will be celebrating the day with its Gold Medal win at the 2023 World-Wide Mustard Competition.

As proud mustard experts, the award win for MasterFoods shows how Australian condiments can take the world by storm.

Mars Food & Nutrition Foresight Manager Jane Horder shared some of the insights into how Australians enjoy their mustard in a very different way to the rest of the world.

“MasterFoods has been helping Australians add flavour to their meals for more than 75 years, so we know a thing or two about how Aussies like to enjoy their mustard,” Ms Horder said.

“There are many flavours of mustard, but the clear winner with Australians is Dijon mustard with almost 40% market share – followed by American mustard (21.8%) and then Wholegrain (18%). Seemingly, the least favourite is French mustard (1%), which is bought by fewer Aussie households than Horseradish.” [1]

“In markets like the US and UK, mustard is most often used to add flavour on top of more casual meals like hotdogs. In Australia, we like to get creative with mustard, often using it as an ingredient to boost the flavour of homemade sauces for more luxury meals. In fact, Australians are six times more likely to use mustard with steak than their UK and US counterparts (30% vs 5%), and four times more likely to use it with chicken (8% vs 2%).

“Steak is the number one dish Aussies enjoy mustard with, representing 30% of meals that feature the condiment. We are equally as likely to use mustard as an ingredient in a homemade sauce as to use it as flavour added straight to the plate.

“With chicken, mustard is such a popular ingredient that we have developed our own iconic mustard dish – honey mustard chicken. It has been embraced over the years as part of Australia’s global culinary landscape,” she said.[2]

The prestigious World-Wide Mustard Competition, hosted by the US National Mustard Museum in Wisconsin, brings together chefs, food writers, food professionals and mustard connoisseurs to judge the entries.

MasterFoods achieved a Gold Award in the ‘American Yellow Mustard’ category with MasterFoods Mild American Mustard sauce. The brand also won a Silver Award in the ‘Classic Hot’ category with MasterFoods Hot English Mustard.

“These two wins, up against some tough global competition, are a testament to MasterFoods’ commitment to quality and taste when it comes to condiments that elevate everyday home cooked meals for Australians,” Ms Horder said.

Made in Australia from a classic blend of mustard seeds and selected herbs and spices, the Gold Award-winning MasterFoods Mild American Mustard has increased in popularity with Australians in recent years, with 9.8% growth in sales in grocery channels this year alone.[3]

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[2] StreetBees – Path to Dinner 2021-2023, UK, US, Aust. Filter: meals that featured mustard n=921.

[3]AU Grocery Scan data, MAT to 07/05/23.

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