Metcash and Chinese retail giant in export deal

One of the largest non-government retailers in China, Suning Holdings Group, has signed an agreement with Metcash to introduce Australian and New Zealand products to the Chinese market.

During a recent trip to Australia, Suning International VP Steven Zhang met with local Metcash vendors, then signed a memorandum of understanding with Metcash CEO Ian Morrice.

“With the eco-friendly environment, products from this land would gain very anticipated market share in China from the consumers who value nature and wellness a lot,” Mr Zhang said.

“The cooperation with Metcash will allow us to provide more Australian and New Zealand brands with the opportunity to enter Chinese market through the retailing platform that Suning developed.”

According to a statement from Suning, the Chinese company and Metcash will jointly promote and distribute Australian and New Zealand products procured by Metcash to all available channels, both online and offline, which will significantly leverage Suning’s buying power in the region.

Suning and Metcash will set up an ‘Australian Pavilion’ store on, highlighting and making it simpler for Chinese consumers to buy a wider range of Australian and New Zealand products with “the best price and quality”, including groceries, fresh produce, alcoholic beverages, personal-care items, cosmetics and other consumer goods. Suning will handle storage, promotion, marketing and logistics.

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