Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Nerada calls for switch to loose-leaf tea

Queensland based Nerada Tea is challenging Australians to improve their environmental footprint during Plastic Free July by swapping to loose-leaf tea.

Proudly Australian-grown and sold in 100% plastic-free packaging, Nerada’s loose-leaf black tea is Australia’s number one selling loose-leaf tea brand (Nielsen Scantrack, MAT 31 May 22, supplied by Nerada tea).

It’s said to contain no micro plastics, no plastic inner lining or external wrapping, just 100% recyclable cardboard and pesticide-free black tea.

As well as reducing plastic, there are more great benefits to drinking loose-leaf tea, says Nerada Tea Plantation Director Tony Poyner: “Brewing the leaves over time allows for more flavour to be extracted and it also brings back the ritual of slowing down to brew a pot of tea.”

As far as plastic-free goes, Nerada is also making progress with the rest of its range. Its tagless tea bags are already produced using plastic-free paper. Trials to switch the tag and string tea bags to the same material are well-advanced and on track for the end of the year.

“The past few years have slowed our progress, but we’re almost there with making our range 100% plastic-free,” Mr Poyner says.

“We have seen interest in our loose-leaf teas grow and we have extended our range to meet the demands of our customers. Helping the planet and encouraging people to slow down is important all year round but getting our customers to support Plastic Free July is a great catalyst for change.”

Plastic Free July has inspired millions of participants in 190 countries since its launch, and despite the pandemic an estimated 140 million people took part in Plastic Free July globally last year.

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