Thursday, May 30, 2024

The new face of analytics

Pronto Software has unveiled a sleek new look for its flagship ERP and analytics platform, Pronto Xi, in addition to a broad range of enhancements that make the solution faster and easier to use.

pronto xi web user interface

Pronto Xi 730 is a cloud-focused solution that is accessible on any device. It features a new web interface that offers seamless access to Pronto Xi from any device with a web connection, through deeply secure cloud functionality. The result is a clean, modern and more intuitive display of information that improves productivity.

The new web interface provides a reliable and secure user experience, including quick deployment. This means users can access Pronto Xi away from their usual desk environment. A consistent user experience means no additional training is necessary.

“Pronto Xi 730 is about translating trends and delivering a practical solution that delivers value to our customers,” Pronto Software Chief Operating Officer Chad Gates said.

“All the innovation within the release helps our customers be more productive, work smarter, and gives them access to information about their business from anywhere, on any device, whenever they want or need it.”

Pronto Software works with more than 1,600 customers and partners globally, including Natures Organics, Popina Foods and Nerada Tea.

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