Sunday, April 14, 2024

Nurofen announces sponsorship of CareFlight

Nurofen has commenced a three-year sponsorship of CareFlight.

The partnership will see Nurofen supporting aeromedical pilots to help seriously ill and injured Australians in need of critical support.

As critical emergency responders, CareFlight pilots dedicate hours of intense concentration during flying – and face physically-challenging tasks on-scene – to reach people with critical injuries and illnesses who would otherwise be unable to receive timely medical support.

To kick-off the sponsorship, Nurofen has donated $90,000 to CareFlight to upgrade its aeromedical helicopters with state-of-the-art night vision goggles.

CareFlight CEO Mick Frewen says the service’s pilots face serious emergencies daily and tirelessly work to transport critically injured and ill patients to urgent care.

“They fly in demanding conditions. Every mission is difficult as they fly into complex locations which are made even more challenging at night, which is why we’re thrilled to receive Nurofen’s support to help our life-saving pilots be better equipped to help others in need,” he says.

“Through this sponsorship, our pilots can better uphold our commitment to save lives, speed recovery and serve the community; keeping families safe and together.”

The partnership follows Nurofen’s new brand platform launch in 2021, which heroes its target audience of ‘doers’ – “people who keep on going, day after day, to help others”.

Reckitt Health Australia Marketing Director Henry Turgoose says CareFlight and its pilots break through pain day and night to save lives.

“Despite facing gruelling work conditions, their persistence and vigorous strive to serve their communities perfectly represents Nurofen’s renewed focus on empowering Australians to perform at their best, liberated from pain,” he says.  

“We are proud to have CareFlight as our inaugural partner and support them over the next three years so they can focus on helping save Australian lives and leave the pain to us.”

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