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Online shoppers seeking food and grocery

Online food and grocery has experienced a significant jump in consumer engagement, with almost one-quarter of online shoppers making a purchase in this category in the past six months according to the 18th edition of Nielsen’s annual ‘Australian Connected Consumers Report’.

The jump (up from 16 per cent in 2014) was largely driven by steep increases in purchases by males and people aged under 45.

The report claims more than seven in 10 online grocery shoppers say price is most important, followed by product detail (such as ingredients and nutritional information), which is closely investigated by just over half of customers that buy online. In fact, there is a growing interest, particularly among younger consumers, for specific product details and nutritional information highlighting the need for retailers and manufacturers to be very explicit and transparent with their product information online.

Adding to the fact that consumers are seeking out more detail about the products and services they are buying online, there is an increasing trend of online Australians seeking out products and information direct from the source. When researching food and groceries, the number of consumers going directly to a retailer’s online destination is still dominant, but in decline, whereas visiting the manufacturer’s site or app grew by 11 per cent to a total of 40 per cent.

The continued growth of connected commerce is inevitable and the shopper journey of the connected Australian consumer is becoming more complex and fluid. We are incorporating digital touch points along the entire process: from reviewing products online at home to using smartphones as personal shopping assistants in-store. Nearly six-in-10 consumers will look at an item in-store, but ultimately buy it online instead.

Nielsen says that with consumers easily shifting between online and offline retail channels and demanding an abundance of information, retailers and manufacturers must understand individuals’ behaviour and provide easily accessible product information and compelling offers in both environments.

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