Sunday, April 14, 2024

Oreo Stick Sandwiches hit Aussie freezers

Peters, Cadbury and Oreo have come together to create the Oreo Stick Sandwich.

The new product is described as “your favourite cookie sandwich now frozen on a sticky-finger-free stick and fully dunked in a thick layer of mouth-watering Cadbury milk chocolate”.

“This new release reimagines the much-loved ‘twist, lick and dunk’ approach to enjoying Oreo cookies, by substituting the classic Oreo milk dunk with decadent Cadbury chocolate to take this tradition to the next level of deliciousness,” says the brands.  

“This dynamic twist on two Aussie favourites invites you to crack through a generous layer of silky-smooth Cadbury chocolate and enjoy its creamy centre filled with crushed Oreo cookies.”

The Oreo Stick Sandwich is now available at supermarkets in a multipack of four (RRP $8.50). In January, a single serve (RRP $4) will be made available.

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