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Panic buying 2.0

No complaints about complaining customers
John-Paul Drake

Recently in South Australia we were put into a “circuit breaker” hard lockdown with no notice.

By Drakes Director John-Paul Drake. 

Within 15 minutes of the Premier’s press conference our stores across South Australia were being swamped. There were even instances where we had to close stores due to the number of people who flocked there.

Our team were amazing. Our entire head office team dropped whatever they were doing and hit the shop floor to help out. From packing bags to stacking shelves to the trolley bay (thanks dad!), our team again did all they could to assist our customers and to everyone’s credit we didn’t see the same chaotic scenes we saw in March.

In saying that, it seems customers still had not learnt from the last time. Panic buying still happened. The media were quick to pick up on it and increase the frenzy around panic buying. Toilet paper, tissues, sanitiser, and flour were again popular products.

Why do people still choose to panic buy and stock up on huge amounts of products, when no matter what, the supermarkets will still be open? It’s the herd mentality. Herd mentality or mob mentality – the behaviour of acting in the same way or adopting the behaviours of those around you.

It is crazy to think about how much toilet paper people still have in their houses or on the other hand, mind blowing how much they must have used. The average person uses one roll of toilet paper a week. I would hate to be a plumber right now.

We have thankfully been fortunate enough that our lockdown was short lived, and we are back to normality here in South Australia. I wonder if we have a third lockdown, will people learn or follow the herds?

Let me know your thoughts!

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About John-Paul Drake

John-Paul Drake has retail in his blood. Starting out as the trolley boy and shelf stacker 30 years ago in the family business, his passion for retail is firmly solidified as the Director of Drakes. JP is a staunch supporter of supporting local and is not afraid to call it like he sees it. 

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