Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pringles trims packaging to reduce waste

Pringles says it’s taking a “significant step” in minimising its environmental impact with a smaller 53g can.

According to the brand, the trimmed package features less empty space and the same number of Pringles chips.

Showing size does matter, reducing the height of the Pringles can by nearly 10% will remove a claimed 37,000kg of packaging waste per year in Australia and New Zealand.

“Pringles have a distinctive and iconic can, and we’re committed to maintaining quality while continuing to find ways to minimise our environmental footprint,” says Kellanova Head of Salty Snacks Dan Bitti. “We’re excited to introduce revamped cans delivering the same snack with less packaging.”

As part of Pringles’ ongoing efforts to improve sustainability, the plastic lid was removed from the 53g can in 2022. Looking ahead, the brand is working towards developing more sustainable packaging across its range.

The smaller Pringles 53g variety will be available in all major supermarkets from next month.

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