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Q&A with Renée: leading self and self-leadership

Q: There is a lot of talk of leading self and self-leadership? What is this all about?

A: This is a topic I happen to do a lot of work around and am extremely passionate about. I even wrote a book, Limitless Leadership: A Guide to Leading from the Inside Out, on this topic.

Self-leadership is vitally important as you need to lead self before you can lead others, your business and decisions. Look at it a bit like building a house. You can’t put the frame up without laying a solid foundation first. If that foundation isn’t solid and built right, the house won’t last the test of time, a bit like trying to lead a business and team without leading your self first.

There are many elements to self-leadership and it all starts with having:

  • Self-purpose
  • Self-awareness
  • Continued self-learning/development.

To really nail self-leadership, it has to be a constant focus with energy on YOUR need for commitment and purpose.

Having true commitment in a work context is like having a lamp turned on to full capacity – no dimming or power saving here. If individuals in your team are only complying, then the lamp needs to be plugged in and turned on regularly and will never shine as brightly.

Compliant behavior is an action or act and usually has a short-term result that is demanded. Commitment is earned, not controlled and is inspired, it comes from within.

YOU are the focus, and true commitment has to come from you.

Truly committed leaders are all in, not sitting on the sideline because they have to be there.

I believe your commitment to self-lead comes from four areas.

1. Purpose

As an individual, you need to understand your purpose. What was it that made you take your role or start your business?

You then need to know the purpose of others and the purpose of the organisation or business you work in.

What have you done as a leader to share the organisation’s purpose and coach individuals in your team to understand their purpose and that of others?

2. Belief

What can you do to instill and build belief in each team member in terms of what they need to do and why they are doing it? Do you have self-belief in what you stand for and belief in yourself as a leader? Do your values match what they need to believe in? Why is this important to you?

3. Motivation

We have internal and external motivations at work. Our internal motivations are what drive us. What motivates you and those in your team? Do you simply manage these motivations, or do you really identify these motivations and satisfy them?

4. Planned effort

Commitment can occur by you being aware of what you need to achieve and having internal motivation and self-belief that you can do this. Knowing is one thing and action is what is now needed to make things happen. What planned effort are you accountable for? How, as a leader, are you driving this?

Take the time to focus on and build commitment within yourself and your leadership.  This then flows on to a highly committed team that will assist in achieving organisational outputs within a happy, productive culture.

To being limitless …

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