Tuesday, June 18, 2024

QSIC helps music benefits float downstream

QSIC, Australia’s first and leading commercially licensed music streaming service, exceeded 1.5 million streams in the past quarter.

Created by friends Nick Larkins and Matt Elsley in 2011, QSIC allows businesses to create playlists and stream music legally into their venues. Businesses using streaming services licensed for personal use only in Australia are doing so illegally because of the different royalty calculations needed when music is played to a larger audience. The service has been designed to be an end-to-end platform, with users paying a monthly fee to access millions of songs and thousands of custom playlists.

“We digest all research available regarding music and bottom-line management, we then take a solid data-driven approach to understanding what works best for a specific business and its patrons or customers and then we go on to deliver bespoke content,” QSIC Director and co-founder Nick Larkins said.

As well as offering branded curation, QSIC allows users to engage in music scheduling, consumer analytics, digital-signage integration, head office control and multi-zone audio.

QSIC packages start at $120 a month for continuous background music and the platform includes a mobile app as well as social media integration. The service is designed to run on any PC/Mac, iOS or Sonos, and has offline usage.

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